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Part 1: Procurement

Have your Office Procurement List handy if you do not order from The Green Project

Since you selected the Green Project, you are all set for part one :) Your environmental savings have already been added to your report

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Part 2: Great. Please Enter the Quantity of Green Products you purchased in your procurement list

Green Paper Products

Green Paper Products

Green Cleaning Products

Green Disposable Products

Green Disposable Products

Green Manufacturing

Green Packaging


Part 3: Now let's find out about your environmental initiatives day to day

Water Saving Initatives

Building Saving Initiatives

Building Saving Initiatives

Energy Saving Initiatives

Paper Saving Initiatives

Waste & Food Saving Initiatives

Transportation Saving Initiatives

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Additional Enviormental Initiatives

${survey.metrics.trees} Trees
${survey.metrics.water} Gallons of Water
${survey.metrics.waste} lbs of Waste
${survey.metrics.carbon} lbs of Carbon
${survey.metrics.vocs} MMBTUs of Energy
${} Pounds of VOCs

Thanks for your time. We have added the following impact to your report.

Please note your environmental initiatives impact only adds at the start of each month and will continue to add every month unless you change it in the survey.

Your procurement initiatives impact adds right away to the report. Please fill out the survey again after each procurement list.