Green Project

Impact Reporting for Procurement

Green Project is the only online marketplace that tracks your company’s positive impact through your everyday purchases.

How it works
First, instantly see the environmental impact of each product that we offer. Next, track the impact of your purchases both at check out and in your sustainable dashboard. Finally, download the PDF from your dashboard and embed it into your website to have have your very own Sustainability Report. 

How we calculate the impact for procurement?
We have aggregated a number of sources that calculate the impact of certain eco-friendly products vs. their non-green alternative. This process is constantly being updated as we learn better ways to estimate impact and we encourage any feedback you have!  We want to be clear that all of our impact calculations are just estimations and should be taken as such. Please feel free to reach out and we are happy to send you all our sources so you can learn more about what went into our calculations!