Green Project

Carbon Offset Project

We have partnered with Cloverly and is offering free carbon offsets on all your orders. We'll track and monitor every orders carbon impact for you and include it in your sustainable dashboard. Currently, we chose preservation of Hudson Farms in New Jersey to provide our offsets.



Covering over 3,600 acres in northern New Jersey, Hudson Farm is one of the largest working forests in the state. Hudson Farm’s rich history spans over a century, and the property contains the iconic estate where the idea for the Appalachian Trail was conceived. Today, Hudson Farm pioneers wildlife conservation initiatives throughout the region and serves as a local community steward. Hudson Farm Foundation gives to local Sussex County charities including conservation and species protection projects, various medial causes, veterans, food banks, fire departments, and responsible hunting safety education and outreach. Hudson Farms partners with the National Audubon Society and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This project meets U.N. SDG's 6, 13 and 15


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-The GPG Team