Green Project

Our Mission

Who We Are

We founded GPG to promote the increased preservation of our planet and we are passionate believers in this cause. We saw too much waste in offices so we created an online marketplace to make everyday purchases for your office with 100% sustainable products. We allow your business to enhance its environmental sustainability through its everyday purchases, improving its standing with customers, employees, and investors without added costs or complexity.

The Problem

The massive carbon and waste footprint that organizations create through their everyday office needs can be significantly reduced with a large range of sustainable product alternatives.

At the same time, this range of sustainable office products is incredibly fragmented and primarily focuses on large distributors selling to other large companies. Due to this, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate the number of different sustainable products and understand which are truly sustainable and impactful, while going through the ordering process in a seamless and non-disruptive way.

Despite these challenges, businesses are being pushed to become more sustainable from their customers, employees, and investors, but have no way of tracking and reporting their initiatives.

How We Fix It

We solve this by providing a simple, easy-to-use website to purchase all of your regular office supplies with vetted sustainable products. We allow any organization, no matter your size, to have an outsourced sustainability arm, allowing you to become a more sustainable office while easily tracking and marketing your positive environmental impact.

Our instant sustainability reports create tangible data around your organization’s impact through its purchases and allows you to see how you compare to other similar organizations.

We also want to be able extend your impact beyond your orders and into your community so we donate 5% of sales to an environmental non-for-profit of your choice.

How It Works

  1. Select from Zero Waste Products or Eco-friendly Supplies 
  2. Add them to your cart and instantly see the environmental impact
  3. Your products are then sent using carbon neutral shipping
  4. Receive a monthly sustainability report, which tracks and helps market your progress towards helping our planet
  5. Join our sustainable community to learn from like-minded businesses